Thursday, July 15, 2010

The PL/SQL Challenge effect

In Google Analytics I noticed a strange peak in my page visits. On a normal weekday when I haven't posted something new, approximately 200 people visit one or more blogposts here. But on Thursday July 8, there were 299. When zooming in on that day, I noticed that my blogpost about SAVE EXCEPTIONS was visited 101 times, where 5 or 10 per day is normal for that blogpost. When something like this happens, it is usually caused by someone posting a link to my blog, but that was not the case now. Then I looked at the searched keywords and I saw these lines (I filtered out lots of other rows):

save exceptions 8
oracle save exceptions 6
forall log errors save exceptions 2
forall save exceptions log errors 2
forall save exceptions oracle 2
log errors save exceptions 2
oracle forall save exceptions 2
save exception 2
"log errors" "save exceptions" 1
"log errors" "save exceptions" "dbms_errlog.create_error_log" 1
"log errors" "save exceptions" forall 1
"save exceptions" "log errors" 1
_ 1
both log errors and save exception 1
create_error_log "save exceptions" 1
forall 'log error' 'save exceptions' 1
forall log errors save exception both togheter 1
forall save exception 1
forall save exceptions 1
forall save exceptions and log errors together 1
forall save exceptions log errors sql%bulk_exceptions 1
forall statement "log errors" "save exceptions" "bulk_exceptions" 1
log eroors save exceptions forall 1
log error oracle save exceptions 1
log error save exceptions 1
log errors save exceptions forall oracle 1
log errors,save exception with for all oracle 1
oracle bulk "save exceptions" 1
oracle forall log errors save exceptions 1
oracle forall save exception 1
oracle forall save exceptions dbms_errlog bulk_exceptions 1
oracle pl sql log errors save exceptions 1
oracle save exceptions forall 1
oracle save exceptions log errors 1
oracle save exceptions log errors for all 1
oracle save exceptions vs log errors 1
pl/sql log errors save exception forall 1
pl/sql save exceptions 1
plsql using log errors and save exception 1
save exceprions 1
save exceptions example 1
save exceptions in oracle sql 1
save exceptions in pl sql 1
save exceptions log error oracle 1
save exeptions 1
use log errors and save exception in forall orcle 1
using save exceptions and log errors in the same forall statement 1
using save exceptions and log errors inside forall pl sql 1
when save exceptions are used in oracle 1

And then I remembered last week's PL/SQL Challenge. On July 8, it had a nice question about what happens when you combine the FORALL SAVE EXCEPTIONS with a LOG ERRORS clause...

And while I'm talking about the PL/SQL Challenge: if you haven't played it yet and you want to learn the language better, then you should give it a try. If you played the game and you haven't learned anything, then at least you'll have a high score :-). The questions are very diverse regarding the topics and regarding difficulty. So there will always be topics with which you are highly familiar and those with which you are not. For example, I use PL/SQL almost 15 years now, but somehow I almost never used the UTL_FILE package. It just seems counterintuitive to me to work with files when you have a database at your disposal. But by playing the quiz I learned the package inside out.

And for those of you who wished me luck and wanted to know how the playoff went: well, it went smooth. So compliments to the developers of the site. The 10 questions itself contained a lot of text and code to read and grasp in just 15 minutes. And I thought the questions were on average tougher than normal. I managed to answer all questions in time, but I had to rush. I'm not so sure about the correctness of all my answers, though. We'll see.


  1. Congratulations, 7th spot is not bad ;-)

    The PL/SQL challenge is an interesting challenge.
    Everything happened: "I know that", "not sure, but it's probable this", "I don't have a clue", etc.
    After all these years of programming in PL/SQL there's still a lot to learn.

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