Thursday, May 26, 2011

Instrumentation packages

At CIBER we are doing a series of knowledge sessions where several colleagues are doing a one-hour presentation about one or two package of their choice. We have already heard several very interesting presentations about DBMS_HPROF, DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE, UTL_DBWS, UTL_TCP and DBMS_FGA. And this evening a colleague will do a presentation about DBMS_PREPROCESSOR and DBMS_WARNING, and I will do one about instrumentation related packages LOGGER and DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO. I have added my presentation and the scripts to my Presentations and Papers page, and for convenience here as well:

Keynote presentation instrumentation packages

Powerpoint presentation instrumentation packages

Demonstration scripts instrumentation packages

Warning: they are in Dutch.

EDIT: I just received a message that the sessions will be rescheduled to a later date because of a serious number of cancellations. Because the preparation is finished, I have decided to publish them anyway.