Presentations and papers

English presentations and papers
* SQL Masterclass, a two-day seminar for Oracle University, ppt, scripts (Tallinn, Estonia)
* SQL Masterclass, a one-day Live Virtual Seminar for Oracle University, ppt, scripts
* All About Grouping, ppt, scripts, pdf (Oracle OpenWorld and UKOUG 2009)
* Oracle Database 11g's Result Cache, ppt, scripts (Oracle OpenWorld, ODTUG/OPP and UKOUG 2010)
* Professional Software Development Using APEX, Keynote, ppt (Ciber kennissessie, UKOUG 2012)
* White paper Professional Software Development Using Oracle Application Express (OGh APEX World 2013)
* Performance Aspects of APEX Reports, zip (OGh 2016)

Dutch presentations and papers
* Analytische functies, ppt, scripts (Ciber kennissessie 2005)
* Performance Tuning voor ontwikkelaars, ppt, scripts (customer presentation + Ciber kennissessie 2006)
* SQL modelclausule, ppt, scripts (Ciber kennissessie 2006)
* Richtlijnen voor batchprogrammatuur, pdf (customer paper 2007)
* Oracle 11g voor ontwikkelaars, ppt, scripts (Ciber kennissessie 2007)
* Doe meer met SQL, ppt, scripts (Ciber kennissessie 2008)
* Alles Over Groeperen, ppt, scripts (Ciber kennissessie 2009 + 3e Planboard DBA Symposium 2009)
* Oracle 11g Release 2 voor ontwikkelaars, ppt, scripts (OGh ACE Case + customer presentation 2009)
* Oracle Database 11g's Result Cache, ppt, scripts (Ciber kennissessie + OGh thema-avond 2010)
* Instrumentatie packages, dbms_application_info en logger, Keynote, ppt, scripts (Ciber kennissessie mei 2011)
* Professioneel Software Ontwikkelen met Oracle Application Express, Keynote, ppt (OGh APEX World 2013)
* Materialized View Logs in de Praktijk, ppt, scripts (9e Planboard DBA Symposium, 2014)

Dutch one-day workshops
* Oracle Performance Onderzoek & Optimalisatie, pdf, scripts (Ciber 2008)
* Oracle Performance-Onderzoek & -Optimalisatie 12c, pdf, scripts (Ciber 2015)
* PL/SQL sessie, ppt, scripts, pdf (Ciber 2009)

SQL Model Clause Tutorial
* English: part 1, part 2, part 3 on this blog
* Dutch: pdf part 3 in OGh Visie
* French: pdf parts 1 and 2 on, translated by Antoine Dinimant
* German: five of my SQL Model Clause blogposts, translated by Marcus Matzberger, part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5