Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oracle 11g's Result Cache at OOW10?

Oracle Mix has a Suggest-a-Session facility for Oracle OpenWorld 2010. Some 120+ sessions are already suggested and you can vote on the sessions you'd like to see on Oracle OpenWorld. The sessions with the most votes will be selected in the program.

My proposal is a session about Oracle 11g's Result Cache. Already 24 people have voted for my session (thank you!), but it looks like I need a couple more. So, if you'd like to see a technical session about the result cache at Oracle OpenWorld or if you just want to support me :-), please vote. Note that you have to vote for at least 3 sessions for your votes to count. The voting closes this Saturday, June 20.

UPDATE 10th July:

I've just received a speaker invitation to present my session at Oracle OpenWorld. Thank you all for the extra votes that made this possible!

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