Monday, January 19, 2009

PL/SQL session

Today I gave a session about PL/SQL to colleagues who mostly work with Tibco in our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) group. They know how to program and they know SQL. The challenge was to cover most of the main features of PL/SQL in a workshop in only 8 hours. The session contained lots of little exercises. Topics were architecture, datatypes, main statements, exception handling, appearances of PL/SQL, SQL in PL/SQL, cursors, collections and recordtypes, bulk processing and dynamic SQL.

For those who are interested and who can read Dutch: you can download the document, presentation and exercises here:


Bijbehorende powerpoint voor hoofdstuk 1

Alle scripts

1 comment:

  1. Een zeer goede training, Rob.
    Dit is precies wat ik verwacht had en ik kan het goed gebruiken in de praktijk.
    Nogmaals bedankt!