Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oracle Performance Investigation and Optimization

That's the title of a workshop I am giving for my colleagues and the reason why I blogged a little less than usual for the past weeks.

The first group was today. In three weeks I will be doing the same one for a second group of colleagues. Situations are created with scripts, that have to be investigated and/or optimized/solved. With the main theme being: always investigate first before looking at possible solutions.

The scripts and the accompanying document can be downloaded here:

PDF Oracle performance-onderzoek & optimalisatie

De bijbehorende scripts

For best results: don't look into the *_installeer.sql scripts before completing the exercise ...

And finally the well known warning: it is all in Dutch.


  1. rob, can I contact you by email? I've got some remarks on your workshop.

  2. Thanks Frits for the remarks.

    I have edited the PDF on a few points for extra clarity, and I have included the awrrpt.sql as an extra exercise.

  3. Rob,

    Can you please let me know of any tool that I can use to translate documents from dutch to english ?
    I guess I am losing out on lots of good stuff just because of not knowing dutch...
    time to learn dutch, I guess...:)

  4. The document is meant for me and my (Dutch) colleagues. That's why it is written in Dutch.

    For a translation you may try, but such a tool will likely produce ridiculous sentences. So, good luck with learning Dutch ;-)