Friday, November 2, 2007

Que faire quand votre requête est trop lente ?

No, I will keep on writing in English. But this is the title of a post on by Pierre Forstmann. I stumbled upon the link while I was looking to find out if this blog is being picked up by google.

Pierre has translated an OTN-post of mine called "When your query takes too long ...". The post was originally meant for myself to address all OTN-questions where only a query is given with a question like "Please tell me how to tune this query". It basically tells them to start investigating by collecting some data from explain plan and tkprof. It is nice to see it in French, since I had six years of French lessons at school I am able to read it as well. And the fact that I know what is being said helps too of course.

I am wondering if more languages will follow :-)

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