Thursday, April 9, 2009

We have a winner

Well, I'm not the judge and I don't know what other solutions will be sent in, but I guess it's hard to beat this magnificent O(NlogN) solution to the First International NoCOUG SQL Challenge by Alberto Dell'Era, posted here on his website. If you have a statistics or mathematics background, you might actually be able to understand it completely. If not or if you forgot most of it, like me, then just watch and enjoy. Who said SQL is not complete? :-)

Hats off and a deep bow to you, Alberto.


  1. I was blown away by his solution as well.

    I have to admit that any difficulty in reading his solution is due to advanced math and not to SQL being unreadable!

  2. Rob - thanks for your kind words :)
    I should stress that without your excellent tutorials about the Model clause, that I have already mentioned in my solution, I would have stopped at the O(N^2) FT ..
    It is positively true that your tutorials enabled me into understanding the Model clause in a couple of hours!

  3. Hi Alberto,

    Thanks. It's very nice to read the tutorials are actually read and found helpful.